This website is dedicated to improving relationships among colleagues and friends, especially in the workplace, and everyone is invited to explore its pages.  Collegial ethics (“collegial” from “colleague”), co-worker ethics, or workplace ethics, promotes supporting colleagues, and describes the skills needed to decide when and how support could be given.  Moreover, it promotes support especially when the colleague is in crisis, a time when support may be most helpful.  The word “ethics” is used because ethics deals with the “principles of conduct governing an individual or group.”  But, this topic is not about judging, condemning, or punishing wrongdoing; it is about the opposite side of the coin – collegial support – and its practice is likely to improve all of our lives.  If you would like to see a more detailed but still brief outline of collegial ethics, click here.

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Our Selected Ethics Cases


Simply Having A Strong Belief Does Not Excuse Our Responsibility For Actions

Laughing When We Screw Up

It Only Stands to Reason

Unintended Consequences

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